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Customer Reviews

"These people are awesome. My car broke down on the expressway and they were there in about 15 minutes. They took me to the shop and explained that the transmission was bad and needed to be replaced. I decided that I needed to take the car home and figure out what I was going to do. They towed me all the way back from Sheboygan to Kaukauna, about 66 miles and could have charged me a lot more than they did. They are about relationships and people, the kind I would gladly do business with if I lived closer to them. I would recommend them to anyone, great people, friendly, understanding, and supportive. They do business the right way. God bless them, they made a terrible experience bearable as well as restored my faith in my fellow man."

Patrick M.

"I have been using Depot exclusively for all my service needs for almost 20 years. They have done everything from oil changes to new transmissions for me. Tom and his crew are fantastic people to work with and I know that when I take my vehicle to them, the job will be done right."

Barry R.

"When you get involved with this company you are treated like family. They go above and beyond to make things right and fix your vehicle to make you happy. Very highly recommended!!"

Lonnie L.

"Spot on service & dependability....Repaired ball joint & still under warranty. THANK YOU ! Customer before me was thanking them & praising them on how helpful they were with explaining the situation with their vehicle."

Mark S.

"Thanks to Randy for a safe and calming ride back to Oshkosh with my vehicle in tow. Randy kept the conversation going and turned a scary breakdown into ok situation... I'd highly recommend Depot and Randy!"

Christine K.

"Very good service, they showed me exactly what broke. They were very accommodating with fast service."

Stephen H.

The One Stop Shop For All Your Auto Service Needs